as spectacular as your new ceramic may be to look at it is child s play to clean this means that you have not only chosen outstanding design and the highest quality but also a product with great easy care properties ceramicPlus is an innovative development from the Villeroy Boch research laboratories that is based on the latest findings from the field of physical materials research Villeroy Boch has succeeded in further improving the properties of ceramics a special process gives the ceramicPlus surface a permanent high quality finish on ceramicPlus the water forms droplets these droplets flow off into the outlet taking residues such as limescale and dirt with them and should any deposits remain ceramicPlus is much easier to clean even dried limescale is easier to remove and without aggressive cleaning agents for the benefit of the environment a real advantage in the bathroom tested and confirmed by the wfk forschungsinstitut für reinigungstechnologie wfk cleaning technology research institute thanks to the innovative production process the ceramic surface finish has special easy care properties Durability Scratchproof Hygiene Colour variety Insensitive to acids and alkalis Washbasin Wc or bidet the exclusive easy care products from Villeroy Boch are sure to give you a great deal of pleasure EN 9 18004 Pflegeanleitung CeramicPlus FS indd 9 17 05 17 13 49

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