for the daily cleaning of your ceramics we recommend using a soft non abrasive sponge or cloth if you wish to use a cleaning agent it is best to use a standard general purpose cleaning agent please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents that are harmful to the environment your benefits thanks to the easy care properties of ceramicPlus you will achieve fresh cleanliness and optimum hygiene without the need for aggressive cleaning agents to remove stubborn dirt we recommend using gentle bathroom cleaning agents or mild general purpose cleaning agents in the case of very stubborn dirt leave bathroom or limescale cleaning agents to act overnight gels and foam cleaning agents are particularly suitable as they also adhere well to slanting surfaces or simply place a cloth soaked in cleaning agent over the dirt WitH DaiLy care yoUr WasHBasin WiLL sHine for many years to come yoU Don t eVen neeD to Worry aBoUt stUBBorn Dirt 10 EN 18004 Pflegeanleitung CeramicPlus FS indd 10 17 05 17 13 49

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