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Statistically, every German drinks two cups of coffee a day. That makes this aromatic drink even more popular than water or beer – and perfect for spoiling your guests. Find out more about how roasting the inconspicuous coffee cherry after it has been harvested can release 800+ aromas that are ready to caress your taste buds. And why coffee cultivation is all about the soil and climate.

We have put together some interesting coffee trends from all over the world. Broaden your filter coffee horizon and discover a whole new world of coffee – including cold brew, which connoisseurs find especially aromatic.

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How do you drink your coffee? Freshly brewed as filter coffee or preferably as espresso? With a lot of milk in a white coffee or a latte macchiato? We will show you the different varieties and give you tips on how to make the perfect coffee.

Do you want to treat your guests to something really special? Then we have just what you need: become a passionate barista and showcase your very own creations the next time you have afternoon coffee with your friends – and impress every filter coffee connoisseur. Whether hot or cold, with or without milk: discover just how different coffee can taste.

Everything about making the perfect coffee

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Enjoy a cuppa with friends or by yourself during some me time. Let its aroma and flavour seduce you while enjoying moments of indulgence with coffee made just how you like it.