For pizza pros and amateur chefs

New Product 2017


Easy cutting and handy serving on ceramic plate

Pizza Passion offers passionate pizza fans everything they need to serve pizzas simply and elegantly - from for a cosy evening for two to a larger gathering of family and friends. A pizza stone with a wooden slider, plates with integrated cutting grooves and handy individual pizza slice plates allow you to quickly remove your pizza from the oven and serve it. The topping set holds individual seasonings to allow everyone to tailor the pizza to their own personal taste.

The four-part Pizza Passion topping set, consisting of three small bowls and a serving tray, is ideal for serving individual pizza seasonings and toppings. Explore countless options for tailoring your pizza to your personal taste: from chopped onions to capers, herbs, fresh figs, parmesan, rocket or avocado - there are no limits to your imagination.

For fresh pizzas baked in traditional Italian style: The pizza stone ensures even distribution of heat and reduces leakage of liquids - for extra crisp pizza dough. The wooden slider allows you to easily remove the pizza from the oven. The raised section on one side of the pizza stone and the flat shape of the wooden slider help to make sure that the pizza ends up on the plate and not in the oven.