The perfect Christmas table

Tips for setting the perfect table – from the crockery to the decoration

The most important tip first: You can decorate your Christmas table however you want to. There are no hard rules, it’s all down to your creativity. It doesn’t matter whether you want to keep your table in a traditional red and white or prefer a festive, elegant look – we have put together a few classic and modern table settings for you to draw inspiration from. Find inspiration. 

Elegant Christmas table with

TOY'S DELIGHT Royal Classic

Festive elegance, a modern table setting or combined with the colourful Christmas Toy’s Delight plates – the pure white Toy's Delight Royal Classic collection is beautifully versatile. It is perfect for serving your favourite dishes and leaves plenty of scope for individual highlights on your Christmas table.

Vary the pleasures with mix & match effects

Toy's Delight Royal Classic will add more understated festive touches to your Christmas table. The collection can be mixed & matched in modern and elegant styles, but looks just as impressive combined with playful, festive decorations. We recommend: for a real ‘wow’ effect at a festive meal with family and friends, combine elegant pieces from the Toy’s Delight Royal Classic series with modern materials, for example, from our Manufacture Rock collection.

Christmas glasses

Raise a glass to a magical Christmas atmosphere - with its enchanting detailed designs, the festive Toy’s Delight decor is a favourite all over the world. The charming festive glasses will add the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas table for dinner, brunch and more. 

More elegant&stylish Christmas table decoration ideas


is an ideal time to opt for more lavish table settings. An advent wreath or arrangement is an ideal centrepiece that will set the tone for the other table decorations. When it comes to colours, gold, red, green and white are absolute classics that never go out of fashion.  

Christmas highlights with our


Our festive table decorations create atmospheric effects every time. Of course, there is no single perfect Christmas table. Your definition of perfect will depend on your personal taste and the occasion. Different considerations apply for Christmas breakfast or brunch than for a festive cup of coffee. And a different look is required for a table setting for a festive evening meal. When it comes to choosing table decorations, it is important to consider the occasion. The number of bowls or serving dishes that fit on the table will determine how much space is left over for decoration. A good tip is to experiment with a trial run before the big day to make sure there is enough room for all your bowls, plates and other essentials. You can then quickly calculate how many accessories you can arrange on the table as decorations for Christmas. 

Even more inspiration for the festive table

Two elements immediately create a Christmas atmosphere at the table - a festive table cloth and candlelight. A classic table cloth in traditional colours such as gold or red or with a Christmas pattern are ideal choices. For simple table decoration, a table cloth or runner is a real essential. A white table cloth together with a glittery runner is another option for an elegant Christmas table. 

Lighting plays a central role too. Candlelight and Christmas go hand in hand. Little tea lights, candles on an advent wreath or a large candle will create atmospheric lighting effects for a festive meal. Once again, simplicity is key. Choose large pillar candles to set the scene for a romantic festive meal. For a more extravagant look on the Christmas table, decorate a candle with sprigs of fir, Christmas tree baubles and other decorations. 

Unusual twists using natural materials can transform a festive table into something truly special. Instead of fir, you can also use sprigs of olive or mistletoe. Combine them with candles in white or cream and little Christmas tree baubles in natural colours. Add a few gold highlights to create the perfect natural-trendy Christmas table. 

Pink and champagne shades are an ideal choice for modern table decoration. Christmas tree baubles and other festive decorations now come in a wide range of colours and provide lots of decorative scope as opposed to simply the classic festive colours. Large candles and napkins in champagne shades together with scattered pink decorations are ideal choices for a contemporary and elegant table setting. Let the festivities begin.